Where did my motivation go? And how I intend to get it back!


I was doing really well with my diet and fitness this time last year.  Slowly life has gotten more hectic and I have fallen off the wagon.   I had lost about 50 pounds and I was on track to reach my target weight within a few months.
I was feeling good about how I looked and how well my clothes fit.  Jump ahead to today and I have gained back almost  half of the weight that I lost.   I am back to my old bad habbits.  Fast food,  candy,  chips and less exercise.

I was motivated this moring and went o ut for a run.  I got about 1/2 a mile and found myself walking and huffing and puffing.   At one time months ago I was up to running/jogging 5 miles nonstop.  I need to get back to that.

I will give updates about how I am progressing on getting back on track.  I will share tips and motivations with you along the way.   The bad habbits end now.  Back on the wagon I go!   Eat veggies and exercise!!!

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