The secret formula for health and weightloss is no secret.

12 baby carrots


The two step program is something we have known for years and years:


Eat Vegetables 

The problem is that it is too easy to sit around and be lazy.  Its too easy to sleep in to the last minute instead of getting up a bit early and going for a jog or walk around the neighborhood.  Maybe we cant afford to go to the gym or even worse we have signed up for the gym and are paying for something we aren’t even using.


Veggies aren’t as tasty as chocolate and cookies. They are sometimes more expensive at the store than the convenience foods.  The drive thru at McDonald’s has a quick and easy hamburger for a dollar.

They key to getting the two step program of exercise and eat vegetables to work is you have to change the bad habits.

Actually get out a pen a paper and write down why you want to change.   I need to lose weight.  I need to get healthy or I am going to die sooner than later.   Put this manifesto where you can see it every day for inspiration.  Then when you catch yourself reaching for the doughnuts at work or  pulling into the drive thru.  Make a choice to do the right thing.  Get the baby carrots out of your lunch box.  Stop at the grocery store and get bananas and almonds.

Before you sit down to watch a movie or play games, go take a walk or jog around the block.  Next week go around two blocks and so on.

Nobody else is going to do it for you.  It’s up to you.   Exercise and Eat Vegetables.

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