Ellen wins and Thoughts on the Queen’s Jubilee

This latest patch to Guild Wars 2 brought with it the usual living story stuff and some nice quality of life improvements too.

Ellen Kiel won the election and now waypoints are discounted 20%.   The waypoint discount is just in time, because getting the balloon achievement has you porting all around Tyria.  I got to 30 balloon chests today and then got the toy balloon for my main!   Soo cute!

They introduced a new account wide wallet to hold dungeon tokens, WvW Badges and such.  This is the bee’s knees, and has freed up a ton of my bank space…woot.

Killing a champion now drops a loot bag with some coins and goodies inside!

I haven’t run any dungeons yet to test the new system, but I usually just do living story stuff and WvW.   If any of the readers have experience with the new dungeon system please leave a comment and let us know how it was for you!

All in all, still enjoying my GW2 characters and having fun with the new update!


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