Ellen wins and Thoughts on the Queen’s Jubilee

This latest patch to Guild Wars 2 brought with it the usual living story stuff and some nice quality of life improvements too. Ellen Kiel won the election and now waypoints are discounted 20%.   The waypoint discount is just in time, because getting the balloon achievement has you porting all around Tyria.  I got to…

Early exit polls show that currently Ellen Kiel leads!

From the GW2 Facebook Page… https://www.facebook.com/GuildWars2/posts/10151635322969209:0 Early exit polls show that currently Ellen Kiel leads with 52%, while Evon Gnashblade has 48% of the support out of 2,402,278 tokens cast. Good news if you are supporting ‪#‎TeamKiel‬, if you are supporting ‪#‎TeamGnashblade‬ – you’d better step up your game! ~RB2

Vote for Ellen Kiel

The next Guild Wars 2 Story update is “Cutthroat Politics”, due to drop July 23. There is a vacant seat in Lion’s Arch Council and Lionguard Inspector Ellen Kiel and Black Lion Trader Evon Gnashblade both are trying to get votes. So far, I like Ellen, mostly for the reduced waypoint prices she promises.    …

Getting more ranger pets in Guild Wars 2

I love to play my ranger in Guild Wars 2!  During the first beta weekend I only had my basic     juvunile stalker pet.  During the second beta I leveled up a bit and got out of Queensdale area and into the Kessex Hills map.  This is where I ran across the animals that…

Guild Wars 2

After playing the Beta weekend and stress test, I can say with certainty that I am looking forward to when Guild Wars 2 will be released.   Guild Wars 2 is a refreshing change to the same old same old MMO.